Sunday, August 20, 2017

LED kitchen lighting is the latest trend in lighting and decoration as well, here we discuss how you can deal with this new technology to get the best of your kitchen.

LED kitchen lighting

Kitchens have many working areas like cooker, counter tops, sink and island that need many lighting requirements that must be well chosen to make the kitchen more comfortable space, where tasks like meal preparing done with no accidental errors and improve the visual appearance to be more inviting. Today the space of many kitchens became larger, include social dining area and sometimes more modern options like breakfast bars.

As the kitchen became a multifunctional space, you need more than a ceiling lights or hanging fluorescent tubes in the middle of the kitchen room to prevent dark corners and shadows. Kitchen LED lighting is an important element that can make or break your kitchen design. So you have to plan your kitchen lighting, like making a uniform lighting layout using recessed lights or pendants, beside some lights targeted to your work areas like under cabinet lighting. That is great, but you have to think about the light source that you will use, until recently, incandescent lights including halogen are strongly suggested, but you will face some disadvantages such as almost 90% of the consumed energy will transfer as heat. So you have three problems here, you will pay more for energy, you will stand for heat, especially in your work areas such as counter tops when under cabinet lighting is on . Finally that generated heat will shorten the bulbs life, so you have to replace the bulbs in a short frequents. The traditional light sources are expensive in the long run.
LED kitchen lighting is the perfect solution for all the previous problems, LED kitchen lighting provides long-lasting and energy-efficient options, that can help you to get a comfort space by increasing your kitchen function level and make your kitchen more inviting and cool environment. Unlike traditional light sources, LED bulbs don’t produce heat that make them ideal for rooms like kitchens.

LED Kitchen Lighting Advantages

  • Energy efficient, no heat, durable and long lifespan.
  • Variety of color temperatures and color quality.
  • Come in almost all lighting styles with different shapes and sizes.
  • Are very compact and has a low profile.

All that advantages of LED kitchen lighting over the traditional light sources made it more popular and recommended since you can use a variety of LED lighting fixtures to create layers of light. To get ideal LED kitchen lighting design you should mix the main lighting layers, starting with the general (ambient) lighting by installing ceiling LED kitchen recessed lights or ceiling LED fixtures or LED track lighting. Next, go to plan task lighting for working surfaces like counter tops to prevent shadows and increase the kitchen functional level. Then use the accent lighting to highlight a picture or architectural details to improve the visual appearance. Not only that, but you can use LED rope lights to highlight a soffit or toe-kicks to add a decorative touch and make the space more inviting. If you attempt to use recessed lights in your kitchen you should follow the recessed lighting layout guide rules to get the best functions of your kitchen. 

LED Kitchen Lighting Remodeling Kits

LED kitchen lighting is easy to be used in new kitchens by creating a plan that depends on different types and styles of LED fixtures, for the existing kitchens you can use the remodeling kits to upgrade to LED lighting.

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